Leadonet is currently a team of 10 members. The idea of digital marketing stuck one of our team members, who realised the potential of success when a business would be accessible through various digital platforms. This would allow its customers to reach the organization easily. Also, every business organization can show its product globally through internet and various digital platforms.

His thought impressed other team members too and we formed an organization in January 2018 which will help the businesses reach their respective customers through all possible digital modes.

We have set up this company with the thought of becoming a top-notch in the digital marketing sector. We intend to show the business world how their business can flourish with digital advertising and how Leadonet can be a big helping hand in fulfilling the same.

We are proud to be able to serve all types of business industries. We have a team which is proficient in all verticals of business and can invest its knowledge in all business types.

We started with a team of four members and gradually got support of other skilled minds as well. It's now that we proudly work as a team of 10 members.

Ankit Aggarwal is the founder of Leadonet helps in building, managing, and scaling businesses through digital marketing.

Along with them, Leadonet team is completed with Rohit Shinkar, our Project Management expert with an experience of 10 years in the industry. Shrihari Gurjar is our front end developer with a work experience of more than 10 years in the IT. Yashodhan Kulkarni is our backend developer with an industrial experience of 10 years. Sabina Wadhwa is our Client Relationship Manager.

Leadonet is not the only team of skilled minds but also experienced and mature advisors who are proficient enough to let your business successfully grow in the digital world.


We feel very proud in bonding together with all types of industries that make so much magnificence and is so enthusiastic about their work.

We trust in what you do for your business and how you wish to make a change.

As a privately held organization, we are allowed to act with consideration and uprightness at each progression. We just do amazing work, we cut no corners (notwithstanding when nobody is viewing), and we savour the experience of having this chance to enable plan organizations.

At the core, all things considered, we are profoundly appreciative for having been so grasped by the business network and value the warmth that persistently comes to our direction.

Now that you know our story, we invite
you to meet our front-line team:


  • Shrihari Gurjar

    Chief Strategist

    Business Development